Wary Airbag Backpack Black 33L

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The engineering of the Wary 33’s airbag system is best in of this year’s airbags.  It’s simple, solid, dependable, and abuse-ready. The backpack itself is a fully-featured, well-organized all-day ski touring pack with a bomber construction, although it’s certainly not intended for minimalists. The pack doesn’t feel well balanced while skiing under load, but on the whole is an excellent and smart choice among the current avy pack offerings out there. 

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Safety System  
The Wary has the best engineered safety system in the group of 4 packs we tested for the fall 2012/winter 2013 season. It had the fastest deployment, the bag seams were glued, and the canister/valve pieces have a protective compartment, to reduce the chance you will accidently damage them during normal use (Nothing like pulling the rip cord only to realize the pack is too banged up to work.)

Pack Quality  
The pack itself is of decidedly stout construction with durable weight pack cloth and waterproof zippers all held together with solid stitching. It all provides an additional sense of security when skiing in the backcountry. We loved the innovative plastic waist buckle.

Pack Features  
If you want lots of features on an avy airbag pack, then look no further. The Wary 33 has what most backcountry skiers will want to keep our gear and pack features organized. There is an adjustable leg strap that stores in its own hidden pocket. There’s also a helmet carrier, diagonal ski carrier, snowboard carrier, removable air bag (for spring and low angle days when you can lighten up), goggle pocket…the list goes on. Did we mention the separate compartment for your shovel and probe? This pack is not for minimalists; it’s more for those of us who like to carry an extra layer and some lunch.

The volume of this pack seems much larger than 33 liters and is well suited for a full day in the backcountry with all your essentials.  

Pack Fit 
The generous padding makes for a comfortable fit; this pack has plenty of support for an all day tour with a full load. The fit favors riders 5’6″ of taller. One bummer: It sits high above the shoulders, which made it feel top heavy and threw my center of gravity off when riding.

Airbag System Durability  
The padded air canister sleeve along with well laid-out hose routing will allow this pack to take some abuse in the mountains.

The price of the Wary 33 is about average compared with similar packs. (As always when it comes to life-saving equipment, think twice about buying used or going cheap on a product like this. If you need it, the price won’t matter.)


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