Spark R&D Top Mount Crossbar Clips


Our creative design features a one-piece crossbar that extends from one set of bolts to the other for a stiff and gapless connection between board halves. The crossbar and lever rotate out of the way leaving nothing hanging over the edges to snag while you’re touring or getting rad split skiing. Clamping tension is easily fine-tuned by turning a set screw, compensating for any wear or board variability. Spark Crossbar Clips are made from aluminum and brass in an elegant low profile design, with only two moving parts. As a bonus feature, they can be entirely set up with the M3 hex bit on your Spark tool.

Crossbar clips have been redesigned for 18/19 to perfect the features of this product. The same general principle, but refined and re-mixed to give you an even better connection with more adjustability. See the list of updates in the features section below.

Includes: 2 x Levers, 2 x Crossbars, 2 x Shear Bushings, screws, and extra screws for use with thinner boards.

Weight: 3.38oz/pr (96g)

Processing time varies. We ship using UPS Ground.

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Here are the updates of this newly re-designed product:

Increased clamp travel and leverage: The lever now flips 180 degrees versus 90 degrees, which allows it to open more making it easier to slide the board halves together. Improved leverage makes it easier to clamp shut.

Better durability: The crossbar now slides under a brass shear bushing rather than the aluminum L bracket, which eliminates aluminum on aluminum wear.

One less screw: The lever now pivots on a mounting screw instead of an additional screw on the crossbar.

Increased adjustability: 50% more range than the 17/18 version.

More connection: Ushaped cutouts in the crossbar surround the mounting hardware for a more solid connection.

Still lightweight: Technically, this new design is 7 grams more per clip. (48g per clip with screws)

Compatible with two piece splitboards that are drilled through at the clip mounting points. (You can see screw heads on the base of your board.)

Not compatible with boards that have inserts rather than holes at the clip mounting points (Select models from Jones, Nitro, Rome, Weston and others). For these boards please see our Spark Top-Mount Crossbar Clips.

Not compatible with three or four piece splitboards.


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