Brooks Range Ski Guide Card Set


This set of 13 double-sided, full-color Ski Guide Cards (SGC’s) contain vital information about avalanche safety, emergency preparedness, and many other critical facts for the backcountry and mountaineering ski guide and traveler.

Printed on synthetic paper, these weatherproof cards are lightweight, durable, can be written on with a standard ballpoint pen, and erased with rubbing alcohol for reuse. 

The Ski Guide Card Set has been updated for the 2007-2008 season. A hand-picked group of nationally-recognized mountain guides and avalanche professionals contributed to this edition, ensuring that they are up-to-date and contain accurate information. 

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The Brooks-Ranges Ski Guide Card Set consists of cards for:

* Weather Observation
* Avalanche Observation
* Sample Snow Profile Data and Graph
* Avalanche Hazard Forecast
* Conversion Tools
* Rutschblock/Boardblock/Stuffblock Tests
* Snow Profile Observation 
* International Avalanche Information Resources
* Regional Avalanche Information Resources (USA & Canada)
* Avalanche Observation Checklist
* Avalanche Dangers Factors
* 3×3 Avalanche Assessment Process & Avalanche Assessment Reduction Method
* Avalanche Danger Scale & Snow Stability Rating
* High Altitude Daily Questions
* Tour Planner
* Canadian Drop Loop System Rescue Reference
* Mechanical Advantage Pulley Systems Rescue Reference
* Companion Party Avalanche Rescue Reference
* Morning & Evening Guides Meetings Worksheets

The Brooks-Range Ski Guide Cards are compliant with American Avalanche Association (AAA) SWAG standards and Avalanche Research and Education (AIARE) protocols.


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