2018 TahoeLab Directional Splitboard

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TahoeLab Directional – Directional shape for a powerful, versatile, all mountain ride. These boards are handmade in South Lake Tahoe.

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Early-Rise Tip and Tail

TahoeLab boards have an early rise tip and tail to allow them to be more maneuverable in tight spaces and float effortlessly in deep snow. Early rise tip and tail enable easier turn initiation at high speeds and give the boards a loose, playful feel when fooling around at slow speeds.

Wide-Body Design

By adding extra width TahoeLab eliminates toe and heel drag for riders with average to above average size feet, whether trenching deep carves or dropping into a steep, icy chute. Their wider boards also give great float in powder and a bigger platform when landing airs.

Bull Shark Tip and Tail

TahoeLab’s unique Bull Shark tip and tail design allows for a longer effective edge on a shorter board, giving a more stable ride when the board is on edge. The Bull Shark design also gives more flotation in soft snow.

Aerospace Carbon

TahoeLab uses full sheets of aerospace grade, intermediate modulus carbon fiber in every board. Adding carbon fiber gives their boards a livelier flex, reduces the overall weight, and prevents them from losing their strength and pop after seasons of hard riding.


Bamboo Core

Bamboo has a great strength-to-weight ratio, allowing for lighter, snappier boards and is the most renewable core material currently available. TL’s bamboo is responsibly harvested and FSC certified.

Sintered Base

TahoeLab boards use DuraSurf™ sintered base material, which offers superior toughness and resistance to rock damage as well as providing excellent wax absorption and a super fast ride.

Edgeless Tip and Tail

By removing the edge from the tip and tail area of their boards, TahoeLab has lightened the swing weight and reduced the chance of the boards getting hung up on rocks in a tight chute. Their edgeless tip and tail is also easier to repair if it gets damaged.

UHMW Sidewalls

UHMW (P-tex) sidewalls are recognized throughout the snowboard industry for providing durable edge protection and damping out vibrations while riding.

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