2018 Jones Carbon Solution

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The Jones Snowboard Carbon Solution is a Men’s Splitboards

The Carbon Solution from Jones is a men’s splitboard for experienced snowboarders looking for a powerful and light board, ready to take on all the challenges you set yourself. Made to push the limits, whether your own or the limits of freeriding, the Carbon Solution is the ultimate weapon to smash records.

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Inspired by the original model, the Solution, the Carbon Solution is the carbon amplified version. And not just any carbon, as we’re talking about 2x TeXtreme carbon used to make boat hulls, allowing for a weight saving of up to 30% compared with conventional carbon fibre. And in addition to weight saving, the carbon significantly increases the stiffness of the the Ultra-Iso core with Spartan 10/10 flex, including steel reinforcements in the nose and tail. You will see that the Carbon Solution is a high performance board for powerful and physical riders.

When it comes to scaling the heights, the Carbon Solution ensures a light and much less tiring ascent thanks to its feather weight. In the blink of an eye, attach the skins fitted with the Quick Tension Tail system and clip on the connectors quickly to achieve your objective. Fresh and rested on setting off, the Carbon Solution will give you the confidence you need thanks to its Mellow Magne-Traction edges for safe grip even on ice.

The stiff core allows you to charge downhill at high speed while remaining in full control of the Carbon Solution. The Karakoram Ultra Clips give the board solidity in order to be able to take on major turns with support. The camber support will never let you down, and theCarbon Solution does what it promises in terms of performance. 

By using all of these top of the range materials and latest technologies, Jones is able to offer the most responsive and powerful splitboard in its range. The Carbon Solution is a splitboard that allows you to take on the mountain summits and that will accompany you on your most challenging expeditions! 

But hurry up, as there won’t be enough for everyone! Carbon Solution splitboards are produced in a numbered limited edition series.


Camber – Directional Rocker (Cambrer+Rocker): classic rocker combined with a rocker offering lift in powder and grip in all types of snow. Longer and more pronounced rocker on the front of the board to increase float with an under-foot camber for edge hold and response. The shorter rocker in the tail provides the power and stability of a traditional snowboard but helps to keep the tail catch-free initiating turns and landing switch.

Directional: classic shape with a slightly longer nose than tail for lift in loose snow.
Blunt Nose: rounded nose improving glide and reducing drag in snow and the “snow plough” effect with the nose.
Inner & Outside Mellow Magne-Traction: Serrated edges offer multiple points of contact along the full length of the snowboard. This counters the negative effect of the rocker, which reduces the length of edge-snow contact.
Progressive Sidecut: At each extremity of the edges, the curve radius is increased at the level of points of contact. This increased radius delivers smoother turn initiation and exit.

Flex – 10/10 – Ultra rigid flex.

Core – Ultra-Iso Core: The triple density core features ISOCORE stringers: in a foam/fibreglass composite that’s as stiff as any wood but 15% lighter. The hardwood beech stringers are positioned along the edges for added durability.

Topsheet – Triax Fiberglass: layer of glass fibre applied in multiple directions for a precise board able to respond on any terrain and any snow.
Fiberglass Reinforcement: The fibreglass layer improves pop at the nose and tail and increases the longevity of the flex profile. This light layer helps the board to maintain the same performance in terms of precision and playability.

Base – Sintered Ultra base: UHMW-PE (Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene) base used for World Cup skis modified with special Fluoro and Paraffin based additives for better glide and increased durability. Ultra Base is the most compact and fastest sintered base.

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