2016 Intense T275 Carbon Pro Build – Extra Large

$6,700.00 $4,690.00

The Tracer embodies a perfect balance of beauty and aggression while delivering an unprecedented ride quality. Birthed into the Intense family back in 1998, the Tracer has become an undeniable force on many race scenes. Over the years, it has seen various evolutions and editions that continuously place riders on the podium time and time again. This 2017 edition, surprisingly, has yet again improved on its already impressive predecessors. No doubt, it’s a direct result of Jeff Stebers himself imparting a certain bit of magic into these new ponies that only comes from spending more of his time sitting in the designated dreamer and designer chairs.



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Over the years, the Intense Tracer has seen its fair share of updates. First there was the Tracer proper, an excellent trail bike that was beloved by many for over a decade. Next, there was the Tracer 2 which slightly increased the travel and adjusted the geometry to accommodate their VPP suspension system. Then the 650b platform was brought to their legendary trail bike in the form of the Tracer 275. The last update was the evolutionary step in the Tracer’s taxonomy, in the shape of the Tracer T275 Carbon which paired a new, more aggressive geometry with the performance, technology, and beauty of carbon fiber. Now, that  design and geometry has given the Tracer T275 Carbon its reputation as the most sought after trail bike on the market.


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