Tahoe City / Dollar Hill / X-C ski area trailhead

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Tahoe City / Dollar Hill / X-C ski area trailhead

Postby eric o » Fri Jul 15, 2011 11:12 pm

This is for riders who normally park at the North Tahoe X/C ski area. Also for those who know there are trails around that area, but haven't tried them yet. You don't have to ride all the way up the extra hill on paved streets to start at the X/C area. Instead, just get to the 7-11 on highway 28, go about 100 yards east, cross to the north side of the highway and head off into the woods. You end up on trails and fire roads that work their way up behind the neighborhood. You get a great warmup on dirt and connect to all the same stuff, and skip the extra hill and pavement on Village Rd.

Every day I see a lot of people riding up the paved roads of that neighborhood to get to that trailhead when they could just get on dirt right off the highway instead. Just sayin'.

http://maps.google.com/?ll=39.190556,-120.099535&spn=0.025545,0.038581&z=15 This is outdated, but the dashed line is the fire road you end up on, which leads to all the trails.

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